John Hendrickson: An Inside View of His Stuttering Journey (Ep. 694)

John Hendrickson, stuttering, StutterTalk
John Hendrickson

John Hendrickson joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss the months after his article with Joe Biden went viral and how it impacted his stuttering journey. Hendrickson shared how these past few months have altered his relationship with his stuttering, his most memorable and challenging experiences, and his upcoming book Life On Delay.

John Hendrickson is a Senior Editor at The Atlantic, where he edits and writes stories across the entire spectrum of politics. He was previously the Politics Editor at Rolling Stone, the Digital Deputy Editor at Esquire, and an editor and reporter at The Denver Post. For the January/February 2020 issue of The AtlanticJohn wrote a feature about Joe Biden’s lifelong journey with stuttering, and his own. The article has been read by over a million people and was named one of the best stories of 2019 by Longform. John is now working on a book about stuttering, Life On Delay, and is interviewing people who stutter from all over the world. If you’re interested in participating, please email him at