Art That Dives Deep Into the Experience of Stuttering (Ep. 697)

Vladan Sibinovic, StutterTalk
Vladan Sibinovic

Vladan Sibinovic joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss “The Language,” an art exhibition that dives deep into the experience of stuttering. 

In their conversation they discuss why Vladan decided to create art about stuttering, how he uses his art to spread stuttering awareness, and how his art has transformed his relationship with his stuttering.

Vladan Sibinović (1987) was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and received his Master’s Degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. His practice encompasses fields of painting and photography. Vladan has exhibited solo on five occasions and been involved in several group exhibitions across the USA and Europe. Currently, he lives in New York City, where he works as an independent artist. Vladan is also a person who stutters.

Instagram: @sibinovicvladan