What People Are Saying About Us

“Many thanks from Germany to the StutterTalk team. With your help I feel no longer helpless and ashamed about how I’m speaking.” –Stefan Siepker

“The [StutterTalk] series on faith and stuttering has been amazing to follow. Phil Schneider’s retelling of Moses’ story had me on the edge of my seat.” –Michael Turner

“I started this new job and have been working like crazy and when my player ran out of StutterTalk podcasts I stopped listening for a while. I recently got back into listening again and WOW what a difference it has made for me day to day. Your podcasts put me in the right place throughout the day. The variety is incredible. Thanks again to you and your team”. –Brandon Quadrini

“Just gave a presentation on stuttering for my A & P course. It felt very liberating and totally uplifting to let others know about “my dirty little secret” while wearing my NSA “keep calm and stutter on” t-shirt proudly. Gave a shout out to Stuttertalk and my non-stuttering classmates were intrigued. Six months ago I would never have dreamt about doing something like this, but thanks to Stuttertalk and my wonderful SLP I now have the courage to speak publicly and openly about such an intimate and sometimes painful part of myself. Thanks Stuttertalk (and all of you!) from the bottom of my heart!” –Natalie Fuehrer

Thank you! Thank you to StutterTalk for giving me confidence. Before I started listening to your podcast 2 years ago, many of my stutters were silent blocks and gave me a great deal of anxiety. Since I began listening to your podcast, I have realized that it is ok to stutter out loud and now I find my stuttering more forward moving and less scary.” –Susannah Parkin

“StutterTalk jump-started my journey out of the covert closet.” –Jennifer Campbell

Note of appreciation. I’m a person who stutters, and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the great work you do on StutterTalk. I really enjoy listening to the podcasts and, yep, I’ve got the book too. It’s fantastic that the stuttering community has such an informative resource that can bring stutterers and professionals together in an environment which values open-mindedness and accurate, up-to-date knowledge. You do such a great job. I wish such a thing had been around when I was younger.” –Alan

My favorite podcast! STUTTERTALK is so great! I love each episode. I am a stutterer myself and it really is a fun and interesting show to listen to while driving somewhere. Some of the hosts are either in grad school for Speech Language Pathology or are SLPS which is cool because I in in grad school for speech language pathology. If you stutter or are a family member of someone who stutters or are interested in the SLP WORLD than you should subscribe to this amazing podcast. It has really helped me.” –Chip Benedict.

One of a kind! I have been a loyal listener for several years now. StutterTalk is leading the way in discussing stuttering openly and positively. Listening to these unique podcasts have been inspirational, educational, and more importantly, motivational to myself. Hearing other people who stutter that have succeeded in their careers and personal lives have been instrumental to me in my life in accepting myself as a person who stutters. Where else can you hear people discussing stuttering openly and honestly. No Where! Only on StutterTalk. The hosts are pioneers and continue to break ground in the world of stuttering. I look forward to future episodes. Keep up the great shows! Thanks to all the people who work so hard to make these podcasts possible.” –Bauercam33

I listen regularly to the weekly podcasts I can’t even begin to express my thanks to Peter Reitzes and the members of the “B Team” for the StutterTalk podcasts. Listening to the podcasts you really feel you’re part of an understanding community of people who stutter along with the therapists and other professionals who really understand the issues involved with stuttering. I highly recommend the podcasts for anyone who stutters, family members or professionals who work with individuals who stutter.” –Effie Ephraim

“I’ve been listening to your podcasts since I discovered you a few weeks ago. I just wanted to encourage you and tell you what an impact you are making on my thoughts about stuttering…I have come to accept my stuttering as a part of me and to not see it as the ‘bad’ part. I continue to try to change my attitude toward stuttering in practice everyday and you are helping me to do that. Thank-you…Keep up your great work.”
–Natalie Bragan

“I just wanted to let you all know how thankful I am for the hard work you guys put into StutterTalk. I just got back from the NSA conference and I never would have been caught anywhere near an event like that had it not been for StutterTalk. I started listening about a year ago and it has completely changed how I view stuttering. I am covert and I always thought the only way to deal with stuttering was to never let it out. So I was completely blown away to hear really neat, interesting people stuttering and talking about stuttering. You and your guests are so confident and articulate which didn’t fit into my sterotype of stuttering. I was envious of how you could say whatever you wanted and didn’t let stuttering hold you back. So I started to think that if you guys could do it then maybe I could also live a full life even if I let the stuttering out. I still have a long ways to go but I’m certain I never would have started on this journey if I hadn’t started listening to StutterTalk. I’m sure you hear stuff like this all the time but I just wanted to share how much of an impact the show has had on me. Thanks again for all the time and energy you put into the show.”

“I discovered Stuttertalk for the first time last year and it has changed my life. For the first time in over 40 years, I have heard other people stutter without shame. I have heard numerous life stories that are very similar to my own. Stuttertalk has also helped me learn a great deal about the pathophysiology and treatment of stuttering. But the most important aspect of this podcast for me is that I have learned that I am not alone and that stuttering really is okay, or, as Peter Reitzes once put it, “stuttering is beautiful because you are saying what you really mean.”
–Brian Smart

“Wow! Talking about stuttering is so important. Talking about stuttering not only helps people understand stuttering, but it opens up the lines of communication. I’m 26 years old and sadly I have never discussed my stuttering with my parents (other then when I was younger and they discovered I stuttered). My Dad had a severe stutter growing up (and in college), and I can remember when I was younger them asking me if I wanted to go into speech counseling. Due to my negative viewpoint on stuttering, I refused (I thought if I ignored it & didn’t accept it, it would go away). From that day forward we have never discussed it. Silence solves nothing. I feel it only fostered and encouraged my negative feelings about my stuttering and myself. By ignoring it and not talking about it, I continued to feel ashamed. That shame is something I continue to deal with even now. Since finding your Podcast last month, I have learned so much about stuttering and self acceptance through Stutter Talk. I find myself opening more and more to friends about my stuttering and how I am really trying to improve how I view my stuttering. My goal for the year is to finally sit down and discuss my stuttering with my parents. I still have a lot of shame and self acceptance I need to address and work on. The good thing is that one day I know will have the courage. Keep up the great work!”
–Sara Tatsch

“This is Jeff from Portland just wanting to relay some comments I had. I’ve been listening to your show a lot lately in my car on the way to work. I do this now almost everyday and it has become my version of a morning coffee, along with some motherly advice. I’ve come to think of the show as the kind of reminder a mom might give to her kid in the morning before the kid goes off to school. “Now Jeff, do you have your homework and lunchbox? Oh and don’t forget to stutter.” Why do I need this kind of reminder you might ask? Let me explain. After being a covert stutterer for 25 years, it has not been easy for me to say one day that I’m going to be more open about my stutter and then the stuttering just pours out. I’ve been in speech therapy for a year now and I’ve talked to a lot of people about my stuttering, but I don’t think my “old” stuttering has really shown itself yet. I’ve made good progress in confronting my stuttering, but I have to constantly remind myself not to fall into old habits of avoidance or word substitutions. I sometimes forget that it’s ok to stutter and that the more I show my stuttering the easier it will be to overcome. But showing my stuttering does not come naturally to me right now. I am going in the right direction though. In the past year I’ve stuttered more than in the previous 20 years, which is good, of course. So thanks for all your time and effort in keeping this show going. And thanks for the coffee.”
–Jeff Olson

“I have been listening to your podcasts and I want to thank you because I find these podcasts greatly helpful. I have greatly benefited from your podcasts. They are so inspiring that I also want to start a similar kind of podcast in India as well.”
–Divjot Singh

“Dear Peter and Eric. I had a wonderful week listening to a StutterTalk episode everyday on my way to work. True luxury. Thanks very much to both the A- and B-team.”
–Jannis Warnat

“I love this podcast because it has depth. It offers a lot of conventional and practical information about stuttering (what it is, options for treatment, management strategies, resources, etc.). But what’s unique about this podcast and what I think is its biggest contribution it that it talks about (and demonstrates) stuttering in a positive and complex way, not just as a problem to be fixed. As a bonus, Peter and Eric are hilarious and have impeccable taste in music.”
–Bettty Yu

“As a person who stutters and as a speech therapist, I believe that StutterTalk is perhaps the best stuttering resource in the world. They have great guests, and their homepage is an invaluable link to all that is great in stuttering on the web. Best of all, Peter and Eric are tremendous role models for people who stutter. It is okay to stutter. Who knew?”
–Dr. Joe Klein

“Stutter Talk is the main way I “plug in” to the stuttering community around the world. It tries to present a balanced view of stuttering treatments, attitudes and responses from the coal face of stuttering. The presenters are both people who stutter who are also speech pathologists, which makes them uniquely qualified in my view to present both sides  of the stuttering coin. As a person who stutters, listening to an episode of Stutter Talk usually leaves me feeling more at peace about my stuttering, and more able to stutter openly, or work on speech strategies. The phrase “stuttering is allowed” is one of the most profound statements I have ever heard on the show.”
–Lisette Wesseling

“My name is Susan and I am a senior in Communication Disorders. I have developed a passion for stuttering. I’m struggling right now because I haven’t found a lot in the professional research that I can feel good about in terms of treatment methods. Your show has been absolutely inspirational to me and I am extremely grateful that StutterTalk exists. I love StutterTalk and am going to direct my clients to the show.”
–Susan Gray

“I have been a listener of StutterTalk since the beginning. A lot of my confidence has come from your show. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep promoting strength and acceptance.”
–Joseph Miller, Person Who Stutters, Assistant Professor

“My name is Robb. I’m 37 years old and have been a stutterer for as long as I can remember. I discovered your show a few months ago and it has been a revelation for me. I thought you might find my initial reaction to your show interesting, so here goes. I was angry. Listening to an episode of your show for the first time, this irrational visceral anger came out of me. I was surprised. It was nothing you guys said, it was just my reaction to hearing other people stutter. And I realized that this anger was what I had been directing at my own stutter my whole life. I hated it and hated myself for doing it. After a few episodes, my anger and discomfort faded and now I am almost 100 percent comfortable hearing other people stutter. This has been a real breakthrough for me.  So, thank you for giving me an example of how people can stutter and it’s okay. Just hearing that on a regular basis has really helped me.”

“Hi, I was going through your website, stuttertalk.com. It’s absolutely wonderful and I appreciate the effort you have taken to make it happen. This is Vineet here from India.. I have a stutter too. I am 20 now. Listening to you people makes me feel comfortable, you know I realize that I am not alone   Now I am doing my undergraduation in computer science. Though I am pretty intelligent stuttering has had an impact on my life and made me a bit of a loner. But just knowing that people like you exist gives me the much needed support.   I realize stuttering isn’t bad after all. You guys rock!!!”

“Stuttertalk reminds me that I am not alone and that stuttering is okay. Hearing other people stutter and talk about it, makes dealing with stuttering a lot easier. It is like the support system I wish I had in real life. I look forward to listening to many great stuttertalk episodes in 2011!”

“Hey guys, my name is Dan, I’m a 16 year old from Massachusetts. I, like you guys have a stuttering problem. It’s something that has affected me my whole life. Recently, my speech therapist told me about you guys and since then I’ve devoured several of your podcasts. You guys are such an inspiration to me. Just to see two proud stutterers put themselves out there in the entertainment world truly blows my mind. Currently I am the lead in my school’s musical this year and I find myself working 5 times as hard as the other kids. When i get down on myself I listen to you guys and I always feel better. I just wanna say thanks and i wish you guys the best.”

“Featuring interesting interviews, humorous dialogue, and endless information, StutterTalk is the one-stop-podcast for people who stutter, are interested in learning more about stuttering, or simply like to be entertained. Charismatic hosts Peter and Eric provide consistently informative, funny, and thought provoking interviews, all while maintaining a high level of class and professionalism. In technical terms, the podcasts always sound clean, features good musical interludes, and never feels too lengthy or brief. As a stutterer myself, stumbling upon StutterTalk has been one of the best discoveries of my life as the podcast brings such a sense of community to the table. Overall, I cannot praise StutterTalk enough and urge anyone interested in the topic of stuttering to subscribe, you will not be disappointed.”

“Simply put, this podcast is a gift for all stutterers. Listening to this show is a great way to stay ‘connected’ with other stutterers and to listen to some honest and informative dialogue. Brilliant show!”

“Great podcast. A truly open conversation about a topic that rarely gets discussed. Every Speech Language student and professional should be required to listen. Great music interludes as well.”

“Well, what can I say? It is so wonderful to have this resource for my older students (and their friends and families). I am appreciative for “the guys” and their straight-talk approach to the everyday realities of life with stuttering. Keep up the good work! I look forward to discovering each episode.”

“StutterTalk is a great and informative podcast. The first time I watched the podcast I couldn’t believe these people knew actually what I was going through. It has taught me so much about stuttering. Finally, you guys have taught me to be more open and free about my stutter.”

“This is a great show not only for stutterers, but for those who do not stutter who just want to learn more about it. I love how open Peter and Eric are when talking about stuttering. Great job guys!!!”

“Wow, there’s just so much to be said about StutterTalk. I stumbled upon it earlier this year and it has become one of my regularly visited sites. Eric and Peter always present valuable information about stuttering, and do it with humor, style, and class. I love the show, and love the hosts. Thanks, StutterTalk, for educating and helping others, for showing people that they’re not alone, and for talking about stuttering.”

“Hi guys. I have been listening to the show for a long time and consider you guys instrumental to my accepting my stuttering.”–Robert R. Best

“Stuttertalk changed my life! StutterTalk changed my view of stuttering and my life completely! From something terrible that I need to hide and be ashamed of to something I can deal with proudly. Stuttertalk has taught me so much about stuttering and has encouraged me to earn back my life! Thank you StutterTalk!”–Ari Gershonovitch

“Many thanks for producing the podcast, I really enjoy listening to it and hearing the many different perspectives on offer.”–Aonghus Heatley

“This is my connection to the stuttering world. Peter and Eric keep it real and human with their questions, their honesty, and their banter. Whether you want timely and relevant information or just want to hear some stuttering to remind you you’re not alone, this podcast will suit.”–Steven T. Splinter

“My life as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with people who stutter has  been enriched by the StutterTalk.com podcasts. These enjoyable, engaging shows continue to broaden my perspectives and challenge my thinking. I feel  connected to a community of people who have a lot teach us. I also like the fact that this learning is convenient and available at no charge. I donate my time and funds to StutterTalk and invite you to become a partner in making sure that this meaningful dialogue continues for years. When you donate to StutterTalk you insure that people all over the world continue to hear open, supportive and informative discussions about stuttering. Go to StutterTalk.com and click that donate button. Become a partner in keeping StutterTalk strong.”
–Dr. Phil Schneider

“Hello! My name is Simon Klein, I live in Sweden and I stutter. I started listening to your podcast last summer…It was really great (and unusual) to hear someone else stutter and after only a few episodes I felt how much I had matured in my stutter. Before I heard your podcast, I hadn’t heard someone else stutter in several years and I had never heard someone so confident and comfortable in their stutter as you guys. Keep up the good work!”
–Simon Klein

“StutterTalk has given me a connection to the stuttering world when I feel that I am the only one who stutters.  I turn on the podcast and am comforted by hearing other people stutter. StutterTalk has inspired me to become more open and accepting of my speech and I can’t thank them enough.”
–Caryn Herring, Person Who Stutters, Graduate Student

“First of all I really just want to say how much I love the stuttertalk website and all the podcast. You guys are doing an amazing job! I personally don’t stutter but I have a couple of friends that do and after I decided to try to learn more about stutter/stutterers, I came across your website and honestly I love everything. I love the topics and the honesty on all the answers you guys give. It makes all the difference. I feel that I can finally begin to understand what it means to stutter and it helps alot! Thank you!”
–Sulamita Oliveira “Mita”