President’s Message

Many people who stutter, including myself, grew up feeling alone and isolated because of our stuttering. I was 23 years old before I was ever told it’s okay to stutter and stuttering is allowed. Hearing these messages changed my life. At StutterTalk, we embrace and broadcast these positive messages.

StutterTalk sought to address the loneliness and isolation of stuttering by bringing self-help to the digital age. We not only talk about stuttering, but people hear us stutter. Now, 13 years after StutterTalk’s inception, we are proud to report that others are following our lead by offering online support that features people stuttering openly.

The StutterTalk podcast and our first book reflect the wide variety of experiences, insights, wisdom and knowledge found in the stuttering community.

Peter Reitzes, MA CCC-SLP
StutterTalk President and Host