2011 Stuttering Predictions with Dr. Tom Weidig of the Stuttering Brain (249)

Tom Weidig

Tom Weidig, Ph.D., from the popular Stuttering Brain Blog, joins Peter Reitzes to discuss his stuttering predictions for 2011, his stuttering predictions from 2010, stuttering highlights from 2010, his forthcoming book, Tom’s recent post titled Research Symposium at NSA in July2011, his WWWikileaks idea and much more.

TOM WEIDIG is the brain behind the Stuttering Brain Blog. Dr Weidig has a Ph.D. in physics and has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University. Dr. Weidig and the Stuttering Brain Blog provide people who stutter, friends and family, clinicians and academics with unique and honest insights into the science, the treatments, and the controversies surrounding stuttering. Tom is an independent voice in the stuttering community. Someone who dares to speak out, someone who says what others don’t, and someone who both understands people who stutter and gets his brain around difficult issues on science and treatment.