A Sea Change May Be Coming for Defining Passing as Fluent and Covert Stuttering (Ep. 520)


Walter Manning joins Christopher Constantino to discuss their upcoming presentations at the International Fluency Association’s World Congress which will be held in Portugal, July 6-8 (pre and post conference workshops take place July 4th, 5th and 9th). Presentations discussed include Covert Stuttering: A Foucauldian Analysis, Origin and Pawn Calculator: Determining Agency to Improve Treatment outcomes and Management of Stuttering with Adolescents and Adults. Other topics include the common factors model, the therapeutic alliance and Dr. Manning’s comment that Mr. Costantino’s research on passing as fluent may cause a sea change in how the field defines interiorized/covert stuttering.

Walter Manning, Ph.D., is a person who stutter and a professor in the School of Communication Sciences at The University of Memphis. Dr. Manning is a board certified specialist in fluency disorders, a fellow of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, and has published more than 100 articles in a variety of professional journals. The third edition of Dr. Manning’s textbook, Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders, was published in 2010.

Christopher Constantino is a person who stutters and a PhD student in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Memphis. Chris is doing his clinical fellowship in the Shelby County Schools in Memphis and is conducting a research study to understand and contextualize the experiences of passing as fluent for people who covertly stutter. Chris will be hosting some StutterTalk episodes this summer from the International Fluency Association’s World Congress in Portugal, July 6-8.