Brain Imagining Research and Stuttering from the IFA in Portugal with Dr. Kate Watkins (Ep. 530)

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Dr. Kate Watkins

Dr. Kate Watkins joins Dr. Tom Weidig from The International Fluency Association’s 2015 World Congress on cluttering, stuttering and other fluency disorders in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Watkins discusses brain imagining research, subtypes of stuttering, brain activations, genetics and stuttering, gene mutations and much more.

Dr. Kate Watkins is a professor of cognitive neuroscience in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. Kate trained at University College London where she used brain imaging and neuropsychological testing to study members of the KE family, half of which have verbal dyspraxia due to a mutation in the gene FOXP2. In Oxford, she uses brain imaging and cognitive testing to study children and adults with speech and language disorders. Members of her research group are carrying out studies on stuttering, cluttering, specific language impairment, and acquired aphasia.

stuttering, StutterTalk
Drs. Weidig and Watkins

Dr. Tom Weidig is the brain behind the popular Stuttering Brain blog. Dr. Weidig’s blog contains more than 1000 posts and 5000 comments over a period of 10 years with 1000 weekly readers. Dr. Weidig has a PhD and has done postdoctoral research in theoretical physics and currently works in the financial industry specializing in private equity and venture capital.