Celebrating 10 Years of Comedy with Nina G (Ep. 671)

Nina G

Nina G joins Chaya Goldstein in celebration of Nina’s 10 years of comedy. The talk included Nina’s story of how she became a comedian, the road she’s traveled these past 10 years, the importance of a stuttering community, disability as empowerment, moving away from the “overcome stuttering” narrative, taking up space, bringing our full selves into relationships, her vision for 2020, and so much more.

Nina G is a comedian, professional speaker and author of Stutterer Interrupted. She has been featured in/on everything from NPR’s 51%, BBC’s Ouch, Psychology Today, Tedx, multiple day time talk shows, Howard (Stern) 100 News, and even the Stuttering John Podcast.

Nina shares her wit and wisdom with corporations, colleges, libraries, conferences, and community events. Her no-nonsense approach to disability awareness and acceptance helps to bring institutions, communities, and individuals to deepen their understanding of the disability and bring practical approaches to making a more inclusive society.

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