Children and Teens Who Stutter (334)

Rita Thurman, Reuben Schuff and a wonderful group of children and teens who stutter and their parentsjoin Peter Reitzes to discuss their Raleigh, North Carolina Teens Who Stutter (TWST) chapter and much more.

Rita, Reuben, and Peter speak with today’s special guests – Tanner (age 11), Tanner’s mother Michelle, Kelsey (age 12), Kelsey’s father Mike, Jamie (age 13), Jamie’s mother Loriann, Siddharth (age 17; pictured below), Wallace (age 14), Jackson (age 12) and Jackson’s mother Yvonne.

Participants are asked about teasing and bullying, to share advice they have for other children and teens who stutter, why they attend TWST meetings, if they would take a pill to cure stuttering and much more.

RITA THURMAN, MS, CCC-SLP is a Board Recognized Fluency Specialist and has been working for more than 30 years with children and adults who stutter. Rita is chapter leader of the Raleigh, NC chapter of the National Stuttering Association and co-leader (with Reuben Schuff) of the TWST Chapter.

REUBEN SCHUFF is a person who stutters and graduated in 2007 from Purdue University with a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering and works in the Aerospace and Defense industry.