Connecting in the Stuttering World (Ep. 682)

Tiffani Kittilstved joins Reuben Schuff to discuss connecting in the stuttering world. 

Ms. Kittilstved reports that 48 chapters of the National Stuttering Association have hosted online meetings with more to come. 


Virtual Support Links:

Tiffani Kittilstved is a Speech-Language Pathologist, PhD student, and a person who stutters. She lives in Seattle, Washington and is actively involved with the NSA and Friends, leading the NSA Bellevue Adult Chapter, the Seattle Family Chapter, and serving as an RCC for the NSA nationally, and organizing regional Friends conferences annually. Tiffani loves meeting people who stutter and believes that connecting with others who share similar stories and experiences can be not only meaningful but also healing.

Reuben Schuff is a person who stutters, aerospace engineer, juggler, traveler and speaker. He lives in Los Angeles and actively participates with the stuttering community, including NSA, FRIENDS, and the StutterTalk Podcast. He believes that communication is intended to be a joyful part of the journey and works to spread this message through workshops, writing and speaking.