Detained for Stuttering: A Law Enforcement Perspective (Ep. 567)

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Corporal Phil Peet

Corporal Phil Peet joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the troubling report of a woman, Kylah Simmons, who was allegedly detained at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport because she stutters. Corporal Peet discusses this issue as a person who stutters with 22 years of law enforcement experience at the federal and city levels. StutterTalk interviewed Kylah Simmons yesterday about this situation.

When asked today how he would advise airport and customs officials about interacting with a person who stutters, Corporal Peet suggests, “Don’t listen to how she’s saying it. Listen to what she’s saying. And if the only thing that is hitting on red flags is her delivery of the content, then that can be explained, and get past it. Move on.”

Corporal Phil Peet has 22 years of law enforcement experience. He works for the Orlando Police Department and is currently assigned to the Orlando International Airport. Mr. Peet spoke today on StutterTalk on his own behalf and does not represent the Orlando Police Department or other law enforcement agencies.