Do the Thing You Fear Most (Ep. 549)

stuttering, StutterTalk

Michael Giannangeli is asked about being a person who stutters in the business world and at elite universities, his success with avoidance reduction therapy and working with Vivian Sisskin, his concerns with fluency shaping treatment, self help, Toastmasters and much more. Mr. Giannangeli points out the benefits of embracing the role of a stutterer and doing the thing you fear most. He shared that fluency is not the goal. 

Michael Giannangeli, 25 years old, was born and raised in Washington, DC. Mr. Giannangeli spent the last three years as an Economic Consultant at Analysis Group in DC and is currently pursuing an MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston, MA. Michael played varsity basketball at Swarthmore College and remains a basketball junkie despite a recently ruptured Achilles tendon.