How Much Time Should You Spend Working on Stuttering with Nora O’Connor? (Ep. 461)

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Nora O’Connor

Nora A. O’Connor joins Peter Reitzes to discuss how much time should you spend working on stuttering. Nora discusses what the real goals of speech therapy should be: living a meaningful and self-assured life in which we communicate effectively.

Here is a little background to today’s episode. Recently on StutterTalk, Episode 455, the B Team discussed what they referred to as “the hypothetical (and entirely unrealistic) question, ‘How many hours a day would you put into working on your stuttering if that work guaranteed a cure for your stuttering?’” On today’s episode, we put fluency aside for a moment and ask, How much time a day should you work on acceptance of stuttering, stuttering openly, stuttering differently, educating family and friends about stuttering and being open about stuttering?

NORA A O’CONNOR is a licensed clinical social worker in California, a person who stutters, an adviser to StutterTalk and author of the chapter Substance Abuse and Stuttering in the book Stuttering: Inspiring Stories and Professional Wisdom, published by StutterTalk. Nora has been involved locally and nationally with self help organizations for people who stutter for over 15 years. Nora works in private practice where she facilitates a self-esteem therapy group for children and teens who stutter, teaching anxiety management, confidence building and radical acceptance.

During today’s episode, Nora and Peter discuss the Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP).