I Stutter, What Should I Do? (Ep. 438)

stuttering, StutterTalk
Caryn, Joel and Roisin

StutterTalk receives many messages from listeners asking, “I stutter, what should I do?” While we can’t tell others what they should do, we can share what we have done to manage and face our stuttering.

In today’s episode, CARYN HERRING, ROISIN MCMANUS and JOEL KORTE of the StutterTalk B Team discuss what they have done and do to face stuttering. They discuss the individuality of stuttering, self-help and spending time with others who stutter. The B Team discuss how helpful they have found the Stuttering Foundation books to be and refer to the book Self-Therapy for the Stutterer as “gold.” The B Team also give big “plugs” to the National Stuttering Association (their local chapters and annual conference) and Stutter Social.

Check back in the coming weeks for one or more episodes on this topic.