Is There a Best Stuttering Treatment? (Ep. 494)

stuttering, StutterTalk
Craig Coleman

Craig Coleman joins Peter Reitzes to answer the question Is there a best stuttering treatment? 

During today’s episode, Mr. Coleman is asked about a number of comments made about stuttering by Carrie Clark, a speech-language pathologist, on her podcast and on a video. Topics include:

  • Is there a best stuttering treatment?
  • Is there such a thing as typical or normal stuttering?
  • Does everybody stutter?
  • Does the American Speech-Language Hearing Association support and back specific stuttering treatments?
  • Can parents respond to stuttering in ways that “will make sure…that stuttering does not become a bigger problem for your child”?

CRAIG COLEMAN, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-F is an assistant professor at Marshall University and a Board-Certified Specialist in fluency Disorders. Mr. Coleman is currently serving as coordinator of ASHA SIG 4 (Fluency) and as a member of the ASHA ad-hoc committee to revise the scope of practice in speech-language pathology. Craig is an adjunct instructor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Co-Director of the Stuttering U. summer program for children who stutter, their families, and SLPs.

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