Learning to Talk about Talking at the 2015 FRIENDS Convention (Ep. 545)

stuttering, StutterTalk
Jon Rosenwasser

Jon Rosenwasser joins Peter Reitzes at the FRIENDS 18th annual convention in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mr. Rosenwasser discusses being a parent of a child who stutters, living with stuttering as opposed to coping with stuttering, secondary stuttering behaviors, learning to talk about talking, peeling away the onion of stuttering avoidance, coming from a long line of people who stutter, working on co-occurring cluttering and much more. Mr. Rosenwasser shares how exciting it is for his children who stutter to meet other children who stutter and to experience different types of stuttering.

Jon Rosenwasser works on the U.S Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as Minority Budget Director for the Vice Chairman of the committee, Dianne FeinStein. Mr. Rosenwasser is a person who stutters, the father of two children who stutter and is part of four generations of stuttering in his family.