No Apologies: Living with Neurogenic Stuttering (Ep. 619)

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Dr. Melissa Filler

Melissa Fuller joins Peter Reitzes to discuss her experience living with neurogenic stuttering.

Dr. Fuller recently acquired stuttering after a car accident and has pursued a quick path towards stuttering acceptance. On today’s episode Dr. Fuller discusses a range of topics including how family and speech therapy have helped her and how embracing acceptance of same sex relationships has helped her accept stuttering. Dr. Fuller explains that she wants to be an advocate for diversity, that stuttering is okay, you can do anything with a stutter and there is nothing wrong with you for being different.

Melissa Fuller, PhD, LPC, NCC, is a national board certified and licensed professional counselor in Colorado. She has a PhD from Capella University and has been working in the field of neurofeedback. Dr. Fuller’s therapeutic related interests are specific to trauma in kids and survivors of sexual assault. She competes in Ironman competitions, is a bronze All-World Athlete, and an ultra-marathoner. Dr. Fuller will be speaking on a panel this summer at the 20th Annual FRIENDS convention held in Orlando, Florida, July 20-22, 2017.