Passing as Fluent and Stuttering Openly (260)

Sara MacIntyre

Sara MacIntyre joins Peter Reitzes to discuss her experience as a former covert stutterer. This is the second episode in a series focusing on people who stutter who have been able to pass as fluent. Sara discusses how she went from passing as a fluent speaker to stuttering openly. As Ms. MacIntyre explains during the show, she made the decision to stop living a secret life.

SARA MACINTYRE is a person who stutters and is currently a post- baccalaureate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. Sara plans to begin graduate school in Speech-Language Pathology this fall. Ms. MacIntyre earned her Bachelor degree in Finance from Lehigh University in 2009 and worked in Washington D.C. for an investment consulting firm after graduation. She is an active member of her National Stuttering Association chapter in Pittsburgh.