Should Speech-Language Pathologists Treat People Who Stutter? (Part Two with Rodney Gabel, Ep. 630)

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Rodney Gabel

Rodney Gabel joins Peer Reitzes to discuss if speech-language pathologists (SLPs) should continue to evaluate and treat people who stutter.

Dr. Gabel is asked to consider if individualized education programs (IEPs) related to stuttering should have warning labels, how to improve services for people who stutter, if there is evidence that school based speech therapy, in general, helps people who stutter and much more.

This is episode two in a series on the topic. Craig Coleman discussed the topic last week on StutterTalk.

Rodney Gabel is a professor at the University of Toledo. He is a speech-language pathologist, a board certified specialist in fluency disorders, and directs the Northwest Ohio Stuttering Clinic. Dr. Gabel is an active researcher who has published his research and presented his work work in a variety of venues. Dr. Gabel is also a person who stutters and an advocate for adults and children who stutter. Rod is Vice Chair of the Executive Board of the American Board of Fluency and Fluency Disorders speaking on his own behalf.

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