Speech Pathology Australia Encouraged to Clarify Lidcombe-Only Proposal (Ep. 509)

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Peter Dhu

Peter Dhu joins Peter Reitzes to discuss a recent proposal by Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) which has many professionals, people who stutter and consumer advocates concerned. In an ASHA blog post, Craig Coleman explains this serious issue:

“Recently, Speech Pathology Australia (the national speech-language pathology association of Australia) submitted a proposal to the Australian Government Department of Treasury that would require Medicare rebates be made available for children who stutter, but only if they are treated using the Lidcombe Program.”

Peter Dhu is a person who stutters and is passionate about helping people find their voice so that they can contribute to society in the way they wish to. Mr. Dhu was a Consumer Representative on Speech Pathology Australia’s Professional Standards and Ethics Board, has previously been president of the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) for six years and is a life member of the ASEA. Mr. Dhu is currently president of the Western Australian Speak Easy Association.

StutterTalk covered this issue at length on Episodes 502 and 508. For a brief and creative background on this issue, check out Katie Gore’s amazing summary The Australian Budget Lidcombe Proposal Debate: A Primer in Memes. Today, Peter Dhu discusses these issues from his self help and consumer advocacy viewpoint.

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