Stammering Pride and Prejudice with Patrick Campbell (Ep. 691)

Patrick Campbell joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Stammering Pride and Prejudice, a book that explores stuttering from the social model of disability. Patrick explains why this book was written and how it can help us change the way we approach stuttering. 

Patrick reflects on his chapter “People With Stigma: A reflection on stigma against stammering in society and the stammerer” in which he covers topics such as shame, stigma, hidden disability and loneliness, and the ultimate antidote to them: Stammering pride. 

Patrick Campbell is a stammerer and doctor living in Cambridge, England. Through his personal experience, he has developed an interest in how public and self-stigma intertwine to produce disability for people who stammer and how this debilitating process can be altered through seeing positive value in stammering. Patrick has recently enjoyed editing the book Stammering Pride and Prejudice. During lock-down, he has got back into jogging.