Stuttering: Disagreements in the Field with Dr. Marilyn A. Nippold (372)

Dr. Marilyn A. Nippold

Dr. Marilyn A. Nippold joins Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering and research pertaining to school age children who stutter. Their conversation is based on a recent editorial by Dr. Nippold and response letters in the journal Language, Speech and Hearing Services in Schools. Topics includes evidence based practice and types of evidence in stuttering treatment, if fluency should be the first and primary goal for all children who stutter, Lidcombe treatment for school age children, acceptance and much more.

Dr. MARILYN A. NIPPOLD, PhD, CCC-SLP is the current editor of the journal Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools and has been a professor in the Communication Disorders and Sciences department at the University of Oregon since 1982, where she has taught and conducted research in language development, language disorders, and stuttering. Dr. Nippold has published more than 90 journal articles and has received numerous awards. Just last week Dr. Nippold received an award in Teaching and Research by the Oregon State Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

PETER REITZES, MA CCC-SLP is a person who stutters and a speech-language pathologist. Peter has worked full time in the schools for more than a decade, in private practice, and has taught graduate level stuttering courses at three universities in New York City.

Listed below are many of the articles and links mentioned during today’s episode. StutterTalk attempted to list them in the order they were mentioned on air.