Don’t Be Alone with Your Stutter: Stuttering in Israel (Ep. 663)

Hanan Hurwitz, stuttering, stammering, StutterTalk
Hanan Hurwitz

Hanan Hurwitz joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Israel’s strong stuttering support network and the negative use of the term stuttering in politics to wrongly suggest that a candidate is weak and ineffectual. Mr. Hurwitz explained the importance of speaking to the media, teachers, speech-language pathologists, and the general public about Israel to educate and clarify misperceptions.

This episode was recorded in Hveragerdi, Iecland at the Embrace Your Stutter World Congress.

Hanan Hurwitz is an Electronics Engineer working as Director of Quality at a global company that designs and manufactures electronic servo controls. Hanan is also a person who stutters, has stuttered since childhood, and is presently the chair of the Israeli Stuttering Association, AMBI. Visit AMBI on Facebook here.