Support Stammering in India: Dhruv Gupta from the FRIENDS Convention (Ep. 540)

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Dhruv Gupta

Dhruv Gupta joins Peter Reitzes at the FRIENDS 18th annual convention in Raleigh, North Carolina and discusses how self help in India resembles the early days of self help in the United States. Mr. Gupta is asked about a crowdsourcing fundraiser he is spearheading titled Support Stammering in India. Dhruv describes this fundraiser as a “one-year focused intervention for people who stammer (PWS) in India of all ages to strengthen self-help groups, create & distribute self-help resources, organize workshops/conferences and enrich current therapeutic practices.”

This is the Indian link to the campaign. Dhruv mentioned this article, Running Self Help Groups/support groups which was adapted from a resource written by Michael Sugarman.

Dhruv Gupta is a sustainability advisor at cBalance, a volunteer with The Indian Stammering Association, and the founder of Speak: Stammering Foundation. Dhruv recently facilitated a two day FRIENDS workshop in India and has appeared a number of times on StutterTalk.

Peter Reitzes, MA, CCC-SLP is a person who stutters, President of StutterTalk, a school based speech-language pathologist and author of His Name is Peter Cottontail: My Story Passing as Fluent in the book Stuttering: Inspiring Stories and Professional Wisdom, published by StutterTalk.