Be custom. Be different. Be unique. Be you. (Ep. 547)

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Nick Weaver, COO and co-founder of Blue Delta Jeans

Nick Weaver, COO and co-founder of Blue Delta Jeans, talks about succeeding in business, using humor in communication, stuttering being just one part of who he is, how stuttering can be an advantage in business, what he learned from his parents and so much more.

Nick Weaver was recently featured in the article, Finding the Perfect Fit, published by the Stuttering Foundation and in a Stuttering Foundation video from their 2015 New York City gala. Mr. Weaver was the keynote speaker at the 2015 FRIENDS Convention. Nick is a role model, an entrepreneur, an app developer, a husband, a father, a person who stutters and much more.

“[Stuttering] has turned into my conversation piece…When you are going to a business meeting it is something to talk about other than business. My stuttering has become my business tool. That’s how I break the ice…It lets people let down their own guard a little bit. That’s why I’m good at moving people. That’s why I can negotiate contracts. Stuttering is my blessing.” Nick Weaver

The video below features Mr. Weaver discussing Blue Delta Jeans while stuttering openly.