Authentic Stuttering: Stuttering Without Disabling Fear (Ep. 575)

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Christopher Schuyler

Christopher Schuyler joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the importance of being present, living authentically with stuttering, stuttering without disabling fear, the conflict between wanting to be okay with stuttering and also wanting to stutter easily, facing stuttering as an attorney and so much more.

This is StutterTalk’s second episode in a series featuring New York City members of the National Stuttering Association (NSA). On Sunday, May 15th, the NYC Chapters of the NSA will hold their first local stuttering conference. It will be a day to support, educate, and empower stutterers as they explore The Past, Present, and Future of StutteringEvent details here. Mr. Schuyler is asked today to discuss this workshop which is expected to draw 50-60 people who stutter.

Christopher Schuyler hails from Easton, Pennsylvania. Mr. Schuyler is a 31 year old person who stutters, a corporate attorney working in NYC and a marathoner.