Stuttering and the Politics of University Time (Ep. 689)

Dane Isaccs

Dane Isaacs joins Chris Constantino to discuss Isaac’s recently published paper ‘I Don’t Have Time For This’: Stuttering and the Politics of University Time. Issacs and Constantino discuss stuttering from a disability rights perspective. 

Dane Isaacs is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology at Stellenbosch University. He holds a Masters degree in psychology from the University of Cape Town. His doctoral work explores discourses of masculinities amongst young adult men in Western Cape who stutter. His research interests include psychoanalytic perspectives on disability inequality and psychological experience of disability discrimination and impairment, specifically in the context of people who stutter. In addition, he is interested in poststructuralist theories of gender, the social construction of masculinities particularly within the South African context, and the perpetration of intimate partner violence against women.