Experiencing 17 Different Stuttering Treatments with Dr. Gunars Neiders from the IFA in Portugal (Ep. 531)

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Gunars K. Neiders

Gunars Neiders joins Dr. Tom Weidig from The International Fluency Association’s 2015 World Congress on cluttering, stuttering and other fluency disorders in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Neiders discusses stuttering, being a refugee child of World War II, experiencing 17 different stuttering treatments, being a small part of putting a man on the moon, getting a PhD in psychology, unconditional self acceptance and much more.

Gunars K. Neiders, Ph.D.E.E., Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist in the State of Washington. Dr. Neiders provides in-person and internet-based (Skype, Google Hangout) treatment of stuttering. His current book: “From Stuttering to Fluency: Manage Your Emotions and Live More Fully” is based on his coaching experience, work done with Albert Ellis (his mentor), as well as on his dissertation: “Theoretical Development Of A Proposed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Based Model To Treat Persons With Chronic Perseverative Stuttering Syndrome”, his study of the Stuttering Modification techniques from speech and language pathologists and his own recovery from stuttering.

stuttering, StutterTalk
Drs. Tom Weidig and Gunars Neiders

Dr. Tom Weidig is the brain behind the popular Stuttering Brain blog. Dr. Weidig’s blog contains more than 1000 posts and 5000 comments over a period of 10 years with 1000 weekly readers. Dr. Weidig has a PhD and has done postdoctoral research in theoretical physics and currently works in the financial industry specializing in private equity and venture capital.