Talking Stuttering with My Buddy John Coakley (Ep. 519)

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John Coakley playing with his band Dirty Wings at the Mercury Lounge in New York City

John Coakley joins Peter Reitzes for this very special episode. John is the first person who stutters that Peter ever met. They discuss meeting in college and how difficult stuttering was for both of them at this time. John was very overt at the time and Peter was passing as fluent. John is asked about his style of talking openly and humorously about stuttering at poetry readings, about a recent study on stuttering and rhythm perception, being a drummer who also stutters, disability and impairment, deciding when participating in the stuttering community is productive for an individual, a recent Ed Sheeran speech on stuttering, the messages we project to children about stuttering and much more.

John Coakley is an Archivist, Drummer, and Photographer who lives in New York City’s East Village with his amazing wife and two confounding, yet ultimately lovable, cats. His band is called Dirty Wings and his photography can be found on the Etsy shop Postcards From NYC.