Knowing What to Do and Not Doing It (Ep. 421)

Jeff Olson joins Peter Reitzes to discuss knowing what to do to face stuttering but not wanting to do it. During the second half of today’s episode, Caryn Herring and Joel Korte of the StutterTalk B Team tackle the same topic. Related issues discussed today include looking for the “One” answer, letting stuttering happen, making stuttering happen, facing covert stuttering, a weight loss analogy, choosing not to use speaking strategies and much more.

JEFF OLSON is a person who stutters and works as a Design Engineer in Portland, Oregon. He attended his first National Stuttering Association (NSA) annual conference in 2009 and has attended several annual conferences since then. He is a member of the NSA Portland chapter.

PETER REITZES, MA CCC-SLP is a person who stutters, a speech-language pathologist and President and Host of StutterTalk.

CARYN HERRING, MS CCC-SLP is a “B Team” co-host, a person who stutters and a speech-language pathologist. Caryn works at Our Time, an organization dedicated to helping kids who stutter, and at The Stuttering Therapy and Resource Center of Long Island, as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Caryn has led National Stuttering Association local chapters in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New York. See full bio here.

JOEL KORTE, MA CFY-SLP is an electrical engineer, speech-language pathologist, and a person who stutters. Joel is the co-leader of the Minneapolis chapters of both the adult and teen (TWST) support groups through the National Stuttering Association. Joel is the owner of the Chase Bliss Audio, a guitar effects pedal company, and is a musician in a Minneapolis based band, Ghost Towns of the West. He also works as a speech-language pathologist, providing therapy primarily for people who stutter in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota. See full bio here.