Stuttering Across the Globe: New Zealand (302)

Bruce Whitfield

Bruce Whitfield, Lisette Wesseling and Voon Pang join Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering, self help and treatment in New Zealand. This is StutterTalk’s second episode in our Stuttering Across the Globe series.Bruce Whitfield is past president of The New Zealand Speak Easy Association and past editor of their newsletter Air Flow. Mr. Whitfiled is a Course Instructor of the McGuire Program. Bruce is now 64 and happily and busily retired from 27 years as a chemistry technician. Bruce met his wife Nina at a fluency course 13 years ago.

Lisette Wesseling

Lisette Wesseling lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband Neil. She is a professional classical soprano, and teaches voice to children and adults. For part of the week, she works as a braille awareness consultant at the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, where she tries to promote  the importance of braille to blind and sighted people. Lisette is herself blind and is a person who stutters.

Voon Pang is a Speech Language Pathologist who works at the Stuttering Treatment And Research Trust (START) in Auckland, New Zealand. Since graduating in 2006, he has traveled within Australia as well as internationally (US and UK) to attend workshops and internships to be

Voon Pang

better equipped at helping those who stutter. During today’s episode Voon discussed Tools for Success: A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Taster published by the Stuttering Foundation.