Dr. Luc De Nil: A Conversation about Stuttering – “Everything That You Do Rewires the Brain” (184)

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Dr. Luc De Nil

Luc De Nil, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto, joins Peter Reitzes to discuss brain imaging research, stuttering and much more. Visit Dr. De Nil’s Speech Fluency Laboratory to learn more about his research and publications.

During this episode Dr. De Nil is asked about his behavioural and neuroimaging research pertaining to stuttering and fluency, the possibility that speech therapy is “rewiring” the brain, if stuttering events can occur as a result of learned behavior without a corresponding neurological event, recovery and stuttering, if stuttering is the result of a faulty speech monitoring system, stuttering when you are alone, the future of neuroimaging research and much more.

Thanks to Dr. Tom Weidig at the Stuttering Brain Blog for providing some excellent questions to ask Dr. De Nil.