Bravery at the FRIENDS Stuttering Convention (352)

Danny and MeghanDanny Murphy and Meghan Walton join Peter Reitzes to discussĀ  a terrible tragedy which has touched the stuttering community and a brave response.

DANNY MURPHY and MEGHAN WALTON are both attending their 15 consecutive conferences of FRIENDS: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter. This year’s conference is being held in Denver, Colorado. A gunman shot and killed 12 people in a nearby Aurora, Colorado movie theater. One of the people wounded, but not killed, is Gage Hankins, 18 of Ohio, who is attending the FRIENDS convention.

Meghan was sitting next to Gage in the theater and provides a firsthand account of the event. Danny discusses how the tragedy has affected him and others attending the conference. Meghan explains how after being shot, Gage asked the paramedics to help others before