The Long Haul of Facing Stuttering and Possible Limits of Acceptance (Ep. 597)

stuttering, StutterTalk
Neil Rodrigues, PhD candidate

Neil Rodrigues joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the “long haul” of facing stuttering and some possible limits or concerns regarding stuttering acceptance.

Mr. Rodrigues is asked about the interconnection he sees between stuttering, identify and acceptance. Mr. Rodriques describes grappling with stuttering by years of hard work which include speech therapy with a number of helpful professionals, participation in the National Stuttering Association and Toastmasters and facing stuttering in college and graduate school. Neil is asked about Scott Yaruss’ thoughtful chapter on stuttering acceptance from the StutterTalk book.

Neil Rodrigues is a Ph.D. graduate student at Purdue University in the area of laser diagnostics for combustion and liquid atomization. Mr. Rodrigues attends his local National Stuttering Association (NSA) and Toastmasters chapters. He has co-lead the NSA Chapter in Rochester, NY.