Stuttering and Accommodations with Philip Garber Jr. (304)

Philip Garber Jr

Philip Garber Jr., a 16 year old who stutters, joins Peter Reitzes to discuss his recent experience concerning his stuttering and treatment by a college professor.

Philip discusses his views on what happened between him and his professor, speaking to the media, what he would say to his professor if she was listening and much more. Mr. Garber discusses possible accommodations a person who stutters may receive in college such as having specific times in class for students to ask questions. Mr. Garber suggests that one possible accommodation is asking  a student who stutters to give a presentation on stuttering to the entire class. Philip demonstrates the use of speech tools such as pausing and a soft voice to manage stuttering and explains why such tools are not always easy to use. Towards the end of the episode, Mr. Garber mentions that he cannot support the way the media has demonized his former professor.

Richard Pérez-Peña broke this story (see the two articles below) for the New York Times and was featured on StutterTalk episode 303 to discuss his reporting.