The Anticipation of Stuttering (Ep. 620)

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Richard Arenas, Ph.D.

Richard Arenas joins Peter Reitzes to discuss his research on the anticipation of stuttering. Dr. Arenas answers listener questions and is asked about his finding that “stuttering severity was positively correlated with the belief that the anticipation of stuttering increases the likelihood of stuttering.”

Richard Arenas, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico. His research aims to understand the contextual variability of stuttering, specifically the biological mechanisms that underlie this variability. The goal is to translate research findings in to more effective treatments for stuttering. Dr. Arenas will be speaking this summer at the 2017 National Stuttering Association’s Research Symposium in Dallas, Texas on the topic The anticipation of stuttering: Its impact on quality of life and on the speech production process.