Research Update: Personality Disorders and Preschool Stuttering Treatment (Ep. 408)

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Walter Manning

Today’s episode is in three segments. In the first segment Dr. Walter Manning joins Peter Reitzes to discuss his recently published research, with J. Gayle Beck, on personality dysfunction in adults who stutter. In the second segment, Dr. Ross. G. Menzies, from the Iverach research group in Australia, joins the conversation to respond.

In the third segment, Dr. Manning joins StutterTalk from Scottsdale, Arizona where he is attending the National Stuttering Association’s Research Symposium and 30th Annual Conference. Dr. Manning reports on a much-anticipated presentation he attended today on research in preschool stuttering treatment. The presentation Dr. Manning discusses on air is titled Comparing a Demands and Capacities Model approach and the Lidcombe Program for pre-school stuttering children: the RESTART randomized trial. The presenter was Marie-Christine Franken, Ph.D., from Sophia Children’s Hospital, The Netherlands.

stuttering, StutterTalk
Ross G. Menzies

WALTER MANNING, Ph.D., is a professor and Associate Dean in the School of Communication Sciences at The University of Memphis. Dr. Manning is a Board Recognized Fluency Specialist, a fellow of American Speech-Language Hearing Association, has published more than 100 articles in a variety of professional journals and since 1997 has been an associate editor for the Journal of Fluency Disorders. The third edition of Dr. Manning’s textbook Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders was published in 2010.

ROSS G. MENZIES, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, Associate Professor at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre and also the Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at the University of Sydney and has recently been appointed Convenor and President of the 8th World Congress of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy to be held in Australia in 2016.

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