Starting and Running a Stuttering Support Group Chapter (Ep. 609)

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Róisín McManus

Róisín McManus joins Peter Reitzes to discuss starting and running a stuttering support group chapter.

Topics include the power of people who stutter supporting one another, chapter ground rules, welcoming words, various support group activities, differences between chapters, interacting with the national office and much more.

Róisín McManus lives in New York City and has co-led the Brooklyn chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA) for the past 5 years. Ms. McManus is the Adult Program Co-Chair of the NSA. She was the lead planner of the 20-Something’s Program for the NSA/ISA World Congress in Atlanta 2016 and doesn’t mind being referred to as a “stutterer.” Ms. McManus works as an emergency room nurse and recently graduated from New York University as an acute care & palliative care nurse practitioner.