Embracing Stuttering with Britni Bicknaver (335)

Britni Bicknaver

Britni Bicknaver joins Peter Reitzes and is asked about embracing stuttering, neutralizing the “wall of shame,” humor and stuttering, being referred to as a “mild” stutterer and much more.

BRITNI BICKNAVER is 29 years old, a person who stutters and an artist and bartender who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Britni is a new member of the Cincinnati chapter of the National Stuttering Association.

Britni started stuttering from and early age but was assured that she would eventually grow out of it. By the age of 26 she was fairly confident that would not happen and decided it was time to try to embrace her stutter rather than desperately trying to hide it. On a search of other adults that stutter, she found the podcast StutterTalk.