Take Back My Life from the Trauma and Stigma of Stuttering (Ep. 715)

Chris Anderson joins Chaya Goldstein-Schuff to discuss the release of his book Every Waking Moment: The Journey to Take Back My Life from the Trauma and Stigma of Stuttering. 

Following his vision set out in episode 466, Chris came back onto StutterTalk to talk about his newly released book. In our conversation, Chris shares why he wrote such a deeply personal book and what he hopes his readers will gain from it. Chris touches on non-traditional topics such as stuttering and mental health and stuttering and trauma. He shares his heart, wisdom, and insight, and some steps on how to start moving forward on the path toward healing. 

Christopher Anderson, a person who stutters and writer, is a longtime member of stuttering self-help community and, this October, will self-publish his first book on stuttering, Every Waking Moment: The Journey to Take Back My Life from the Trauma and Stigma of Stuttering, which examines his through-life journey to self-acceptance from first stutter to fatherhood. He is also an award-winning subject matter expert on national security for the US Government in Washington, DC, where he lives with his family. For more, see everywakingmoment.blog.

Chris’s blog: everywakingmoment.blog

Chris on twitter: https://twitter.com/justconfront

Purchase Every Waking Moment: click here.

Upcoming book release events:

NSA event: https://westutter.org/event/chris-anderson/

AIS book release event: https://www.stutteringtreatment.org/events/every-waking-moment-book-release-with-chris-anderson