Talking About Covert Stuttering (389)

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Jennifer Campbell, PhD Candidate, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Jennifer Campbell joins Britni Bicknaver to discuss her life with covert stuttering, finding self help for people who stutter and competing in a speaking competition. Jennifer discusses having a grandmother who is also covert stutterer and shares that they have never talked about their stuttering.

Britni and Jennifer share covert stuttering stories. Jennifer discusses having a college roommate who was also a covert stutterer, coming out of her “stuttering closet,” speaking to family members and friends about stuttering, participating in a voluntary stuttering workshop, how tiring it is to be a covert stutterer and how she hopes one day to be an overt stutterer.

JENNIFER CAMPBELL is a PhD candidate in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her research is in nano-electromechanical systems. She attended her first National Stuttering Association (NSA) conference in 2010 and it was a life-changing experience.