The Pressure to Be Like Other People: The “I have to Be Fluent” Feeling (Ep. 591)

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David, Caryn and Nick

Nick and David, both 17 years old, join Caryn Herring at the 2016 annual convention of FRIENDS: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter. They discuss the pressure to be like other people and how FRIENDS supports people who stutter and their families in facing such challenges.

Other topics include occupations for people who stutter, the role of siblings and parents in stuttering support and working on doing a better job of not hiding stuttering.

The FRIENDS conference takes place July 28-30 in Columbus. Ohio.

Caryn Herring is a person who stutters and a speech-language pathologist, currently pursuing her PhD at The University of Pittsburgh. Caryn is also an adjunct clinical instructor at Duquesne University, supervising graduate students and teaching the Stuttering Course. She is an active member of numerous stuttering organizations.