VoiceS Unearthed: The Impact of Early Childhood Intervention on Those Who Continue to Stutter (Ep. 719)

Dori Holte joins Chaya Goldstein-Schuff to discuss her newest book “Voices Unearthed: The Impact of Childhood Intervention on Those Who Continue to Stutter.” Dori shares her motivation to write this book, her hopes for the outcomes for parents of children who stutter and speech therapists from reading this book, and how her view of speech therapy has changed over the years. Dori shares the moving experience of interviewing adults and parents for this book; and how she continues to use them to propel her mission forward of spreading awareness of ways to find safer and more effective stuttering resources.
Doreen (Dori) Lenz Holte has become a world-wide advocate and influencer since the publication of her first book, Voice Unearthed: Hope, Help, and a Wake-Up Call for the Parents of Children Who Stutter in 2011. Voice Unearthed was inspired by the experiences she had with speech therapy for her young son who stuttered.
Her next book, VoiceS Unearthed: The Impact of Early Childhood Intervention on Those Who Continue to Stutter, Holte unearths the voices of 60 individuals, a combination of parents with older children who stutter and adults who stutter, to better understand how early intervention impacted their quality of life.
Dori has been a guest speaker to universities both in the United States and internationally. She has  been invited to contribute to various podcasts, blogs, and was an honored contributor to the book, Stammering Pride and Prejudice: Difference not Defect published by J&R Press Ltd. in 2019.
In addition, the Voice Unearthed Facebook group, facilitated by Dori, is now, at 3,600+ members, the largest online parent support group for this topic in the world
Dori lives with her husband, Peter, in Golden Valley, Minnesota. They are parents to three wonderful adult sons and one lovely daughter-in-law – so far.
  • Email: voiceunearthed@gmail.com
  • Website: voiceunearthed.com
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