Ask Dr. Marie-Christine Franken about Preschool Stuttering and Its Treatment (Ep. 487)

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Dr. Marie-Christine Franken

Dr. Marie-Christine Franken joins Peter Reitzes to answer listener questions about preschool stuttering and its treatment. Dr. Franken discusses Lidcombe Treatment, Demands and Capacities Treatment (DCM) and much more.

Dr. Marie-Christine Franken is a Specialist Fluency Therapist and the Speech-Language Research Lead at the Speech & Hearing Department of Erasmus University MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Dr. Franken and her team of researchers published a much discussed 2005 pilot study which compared Lidcombe Treatment and DCM Treatment. In 2015 Dr. Franken is expected to publish a follow-up study, with almost 200 subjects, comparing these treatments.

StutterTalk has discussed preschool stuttering and research a number of times. Those conversations are archived here.