Breaking Free from the Clutches of Stammering (Ep. 473)

Shri Tarak Goradia

Shri Tarak Goradia joins StutterTalk host Reuben Schuff from the 2014 National Conference of The Indian Stammering Association (TISA). Dr. Goradia discusses the power of constructive feedback, effective public speaking skills which go well beyond stuttering and stammering and breaking free from the clutches of stammering. Tarak shares that the power of TISA is:

  • TISA brings stammerers together in a nonjudgemental platform,
  • TISA brings about importance of acceptance in the role of effective communication, and
  • TISA gives people hope – together people will not get rid of stammering, but work towards getting rid of stammering’s impact on the pursuit of excellence in their lives.

TARAK GOADIA holds a Ph.D. in computer science and is an experienced Leader in SW Architecture, Process, Quality, and Data Analytics in Bengaluru Area, India. Read Shri Goradia’s article Breaking Free from the Clutches of Stammering from TISA’s newsletter.