Stuttering is One Language (Ep. 474)

Dhruv Gupta, Jacquelyn Revere and Reuben Schuff In India

Dhruv Gupta, Jacquelyn Revere and Reuben Schuff from the 2014 National Conference of The Indian Stammering Association (TISA). Dhruv, Jacquelyn and Reuben discuss communicating joyfully, how people who stutter are connected across languages and cultures and the importance of saying “yes” to opportunities.

“Confidence to stand and speak effectively is not based on fluency.” Reuben Schuff

JACQUELYN REVERE is an actor in New York City and hopes to unite stutterers around the world through visual content. Visit Ms. Revere’s website and much discussed video blog at

DHRUV GUPTA is a volunteer with TISA, a social entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, and an Indian with a global outlook.

REUBEN SCHUFF is a StutterTalk host and co-leader of the Teens Who Stutter (TWST) chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA) in Raleigh, NC and a national conference presenter. He also facilitates for FRIENDS regional and national conventions. By day he is an Aerospace Engineer, and a Toastmaster by night, and a juggler when ever possible. Reuben brings support, encouragement and growth to PWS around the world.

On today’s episode, Dhruv, Jacquelyn and Reuben discuss the advertisement below which Mr. Gupta states is as influential as the King’s Speech in India.