Discussing the Reassignment of Officer Ken Parson and Stuttering (289)

Officer Phil Peet

Police Officer Phil Peet joins Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering and the reassignment of Officer Kenneth Parson in the Monroe, Ohio Police Department.

Officer Phil Peet is speaking from his own experience on today’s episode and does not represent the Orlando Police Department. Officer PHIL PEET is a chemical weapons specialist with 13 years of experience with the Orlando Police Department and is a person who stutters. During today’s episode Officer Peet comments on the reassignment of Officer Ken Parson (discussed on StutterTalk episode 288). Today’s topics include transfer and reassignment policies, stuttering on the job,  fitness for duty evaluations on the force, meeting job descriptions, written policies and the culture of a department, accommodations, medical discharges, basic functions of the job and  much more.