The Reassignment of Officer Ken Parson: Standard Rotation or Sophisticated Discrimination? (288)

Ken Parson

Officer Kenneth Parson and his attorney John J. Scaccia join Peter Reitzes to discuss Officer Parson’s recent reassignment from detective duty back to road patrol.

Today’s episode concerns the allegation of Monroe, Ohio police officer Kenneth Parson, who stutters, that he has been treated poorly because of his stuttering, and that his police department should accommodate his stuttering by transferring him from his road patrol assignment to a permanent detective position. During this episode Officer Parson states that while he believes his stuttering may put him in danger while on road patrol assignment, his stuttering is an advantage on detective assignment. In a few days StutterTalk will post a companion episode to this one in which we speak with a police officer who stutters from a different department to get his feedback and commentary on this situation. So check back at for more on this story.