How to Keep Social in a Quarantined World (Ep. 675)

Loryn and Reuben

Loryn McGil joins Reuben Schuff to discus social communication and how to keep social and be productive with stuttering in a quarantined world. 

Loryn McGill M.S. CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist who specializes in treating people who stutter in her private practice, OC Fluency Center located in Costa Mesa, California.  She is adjunct faculty at Chapman University where she teaches the graduate course in fluency disorders.  She is the co-developer of the Childhood Stuttering Screening for Physicians (CSS-P) and involved with various stuttering self-help organizations. 

Reuben Schuff is a person who stutters, aerospace engineer, juggler, traveler and speaker. He lives in Los Angeles and actively participates with the stuttering community, including NSA, FRIENDS, and the StutterTalk Podcast. He believes that communication is intended to be a joyful part of the journey and works to spread this message through workshops, writing and speaking.