Stuttering Across the Globe: Israel (292)

Uri Schneider, a speech-language pathologist in New York and Israel, and Ari Gershonovitch, a person who stutters in Israel, join Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering issues in Israel. This is StutterTalk’s first episode in a new, occasional series we are calling Stuttering Across the Globe.

URI SCHNEIDER M.A. CCC-SLP is a partner in Schneider Speech Pathology who splits his time between New York and Israel.

ARI GERSHONOVITCH is a person who stutters, with a B.TECH degree in computer science. Ari was born in Uruguay and when he was 4 years old he moved to Israel.

During today’s episode we discuss many topics including stuttering in Israel, facing stuttering related fears, speaking patterns in Yeshivas and in the religious community, stuttering and military service, an article by Ruth Ezrati-Vinacour and Nitza Weinstein titled “A dialouge among various cultures and its manifestation in stuttering therapy” currently in-press at the Journal of Fluency Disorders and a chapter in Advice to Those Who Stutter by Margaret Rainey which discusses stuttering in Israel and much more.